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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Gurnee Dentist

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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Wisdom Teeth and Their Associated Complications

Your wisdom teeth are located in the upper and lower jaw in the back of your mouth and are usually referred to as third molars by dentists. When it comes to those “wisdom teeth,” most patients do not have room for them!

Wisdom teeth sometimes become enclosed within the soft tissue or the bone because our jaws do not have the necessary space to contain them.  Whether one is an adult or still young, this “space-creating” process can have negative and eventually detrimental repercussions.

These wisdom teeth seldom come in straight and therefore cause   a wide range of dental problems for patients, which are as follows:

  • Due to the formulation of bacteria, they lead to cysts and infection within the jawbone.
  • The narrow space available at the back of the mouth creates cavities for the teeth directly in front of them.
  • Due to insufficient space for the wisdom teeth, the other teeth are crowded together in the mouth.
  • Our doctors may recommend removing these molars at a young age, allowing fewer chances to create and develop problems and preventing these negative consequences. Moreover, this allows the dentist to extract the wisdom teeth before they cause problems by doing it while the patient is young. This makes recovery faster because the extraction is easier!
  • This allows the entire extraction procedure to be performed in our offices and only requires about one hour.
  • You will be sedated during this entire procedure, as we offer IV sedation by our trained anesthesiologist.

This gentle extraction process will prevent the other dental issues caused by incoming wisdom teeth. By removing wisdom teeth, we can alleviate and, in fact, prevent your discomfort. Be sure and call us right away if you would like them to be extracted before problems develop or if you are already experiencing wisdom tooth pain.

Ever Wondered Why your Molars Are Called Wisdom Teeth?

Will you be “wiser” by retaining your wisdom teeth rather than having them extracted? On the contrary, it is wisest to have a dentist extract them before any dental problems are created since most patients do not have enough space to accommodate wisdom teeth.

Your visit to our office will be extremely comfortable because of our highly qualified team of professionals.  Schedule your wisdom teeth extraction appointment today by calling our office.

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