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What Is Invisalign Treatment

Gurnee Dentist

What Is Invisalign Treatment

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Invisalign Clear Aligners – What Do They Look Like And of What Are They Made Of?

Custom made, these Invisalign clear aligners fit snugly over your teeth, somewhat like a sports mouthguard, and they are made of a polyurethane that is nearly invisible.

Invisalign Treatment – How Will It Straighten My Teeth? 

Having a custom plan of treatment that is created by your orthodontist, is the first step.

He will take intricate scans and images of your teeth and mouth, employing 3D imaging software and a digital scanning technology.

Your Invisalign clear aligners will be custom-made to fit from these plans which are sent to a fabrication laboratory.

You will then wear an aligner for one to two weeks before taking the next step in the process that will have you monitored throughout it all by your doctor.

Invisalign Treatment – What Are The Primary Benefits? 

  • Your overall health will be improved

Invisalign can help make your teeth stronger and healthier, as well as helping prevent too much spacing between teeth, and other dental issues, such as overcrowding. It will also improve your overall health and take good care of your teeth.

  • It will be easier to brush and clean your teeth

You might struggle with effective brushing if your teeth are overcrowded. If they are too crowded, it may also be extremely challenging to floss your teeth, however your teeth will be much easier to clean properly since they will be more evenly spaced with Invisalign.

  • Overall physical appearance improvement

One of the primary reasons that is necessary is that Invisalign has the ability to improve your physical appearance.

Just how much your ego, self-esteem, and happiness can be positively impacted by a straightened and radiant smile, is something most people recognize.

Your teeth will be more appealing aesthetically, since they will be noticeably straighter at the end of the treatment.

With Invisalign treatment, am I guaranteed to have teeth that are straight?

Yes, after you have finished the Invisalign treatment you are assured of having straight teeth.

There is certainly no need to wait several years for the straightening of your teeth by the conventional metal brace method of treatment, if you really desire a smile that is perfectly straight.

You will see readily noticeable results, and those viewing you will not be able to tell that your mouth is in the midst of a tooth straightening process, if you will only give Invisalign about one year!

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