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TMJ Treatment

Gurnee Dentist

TMJ Treatment

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Don’t Let TMJ Jaw Pain Hinder Your Life

Do you ever have the feeling that your jaw is locked up, or does it pop and click, causing you to awake in the mornings with jaw pain?  TMD or TMJ could be the cause.

On both sides of your head is a joint that connects your jawbone to your skull, and it is called a temporomandibular joint. A disorder that is referred to as TMJ, can cause pain in the muscles that control the jaw or in the jawbone itself.

It is sometimes difficult to determine the exact cause of TMJ, but a combination of factors which could include an injury to the jaw, arthritis, or genetics can cause the resulting pain.  Nighttime clenching or grinding the teeth together is also common in people who suffer from this problem.

TMJ Symtoms

TMJ disorder might include these symptoms and signs:

  • Difficulty in opening and closing your mouth because of the locking of the jaw
  • An aching facial pain
  • Pain while chewing or chewing difficulty
  • An aching pain in the ear and around it
  • Temporomandibular joint pain – in one or both joints
  • Jaw pain or tenderness

The Process of Treating TMJ

In treating this disorder, we must see if their is a discrepancy between where the joints or muscles want to close and where the teeth truly guide the jaws to close. We would need to figure out how to prepare a bite splint, which would allow for a pain-free position for the jaw to rest in, and how to position it better, if the TMJ was indeed related to the position of the jaw.

Clenching or grinding one’s teeth can be enough to cause jaw fatigue and muscle spasms, so its would have to be determined if that was happening during nighttime sleep. The upper and lower jaws, and the forehead and eyes are areas that can be affected or aggravated by clenching and grinding the facial nerve known as the trigeminal nerve. Migraines and other chronic discomforts can happen as that nerve is overstimulated in reaction to stressful situations.

Please give us a call today if if you are experiencing clicking or popping in the jaw, or any jaw pain.

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