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Oral Cancer Screenings

Gurnee Dentist

Oral Cancer Screenings

Gurnee IL Family Dentist

Using a Velscope to Accurately Detect Oral Cancer.


These are shocking statistics – are you aware?  Approximately 7,500 of the 30,000 people diagnosed annually with oral cancer will die!

Holding the number six position of the most common forms of cancer detected, oral cancer has become a dreaded infection. Here’s something that sounds scary, Every hour over the past four decades, someone dies of oral cancer!

If your dentist could offer an oral cancer screening for you during a routine appointment, would that be beneficial?

We have no intentions of allowing you or your family to join those dreaded statistics. So far all of our dental patients, we have secured the proper arrangements to offer cancer screening. In order to perform these important screenings, and deliver results that are effective, our thoroughly equipped and highly skilled team have both the necessary knowledge and available technology.

We use Velscope to accurately screen for oral cancer, as well as our customary visual exam. Helping us to identify all potential problem areas.

The procedure is pretty simple:

  • One of our team members will shine a light into your mouth in search of any areas that might look suspicious, in search of potential cancerous lesions, after the required minute of rinsing of your mouth with the Velescope solution. If there are any lesions they will be highlighted.
  • We will proceed one step further and stain any potential cancer with a blue colored, Blue 630 dye, if any are found.
  • An oral cancer specialist, who is qualified to take any steps deemed necessary, will receive a referral to look at any areas identified as potential problems.

It will be  much easier for the dentist to evaluate any identifiable abnormalities within the mouth, with the assistance a hygienist and the two elements of the blue dye and Vizilite  The dentist will then determine the path of treatment that is best for you,including possible biopsies, if there is found any evidence of oral cancer from the lesions.

We can ensure you and your family that you are free of any cancerous, or even precancerous oral lesions, because of the extraordinary screening provided by our Velscope system.

In understanding whether or not their oral health is up to par, our patients are much more at ease with the knowledge that we are using the Velscope technology. The very fact that the examination only takes about two minutes, is not invasive, and is fast, is of even more importance!

The oral type of cancer proves of no difference as to the regard that early screening is absolutely essential. Please call our office right away to schedule an appointment for an annual screening. You will not regret your decision, of that we are certain. You should certainly be looking forward to being safe rather than sorry!

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