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Night Guards

Gurnee Dentist

Night Guards

Gurnee IL Family Dentist

It warrants an immediate visit to our dental offices for an exam and evaluation of your gums and teeth, if you have the habit of clenching your teeth while sleeping, or have any sensitivity in your teeth while drinking g hot coffee or tea, or while drinking cold water!

Several factors can be causing you to grind or clench your teeth, and it can result in the exposure of the sensitive, yellowish dentin portion underneath your outer enamel to be damaged. It may also cause TMJ associated jaw pain, if left untreated!

If applicable to you, it might be necessary to take precautions to guard against the grinding and clenching of your teeth by making impressions of them, so that a night guard can be specially designed for you. The gradual wearing of the natural tooth enamel, caused by the force exerted from your jaws and teeth will be absorbed by this night guard. 

The removal of your natural teeth or a costly root canal procedure may be required to prevent the quick progression of tooth wear, that would expose the tooth’s nerves, if left untreated. These night guards are removable dental appliances that are fabricated from soft silicone sheets or heard acrylic resin.

Our dental laboratory will fabricate a custom-designed night guard from the exact dimensions that will be taken from an impression  of your teeth. Your special night guard will provide maximum benefits that will have the following features:

  • In order to provide comfort and ease, it will be smoothed and well polished
  • Will not cause injury by impinging the gum margins
  • It will not apply the force necessary to cause intrusion or extrusion of teeth
  • Bite proportions will be better maintained.

The complete chewing surface of teeth will be covered In order to get longer night guard life span, be sure to keep it free of foreign bodies, dental plaque, food debris, and well-maintained, in general. Please visit us immediately if you get sharp edges or a tear in any portion of this dental appliance. Please call today to set an appointment regarding a night guard or follow up procedures.

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