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Gurnee Dentist

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Gurnee Dentist

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Gurnee IL Family Dentist

The very next step will be the first aligner, which in relation to your current smile, will only be slightly straighter. You should prepare yourself to wear your aligner a minimum of 20-22 hours every day, removing them only to brush and floss after eating and drinking during meals, in order to have the best possible results.

Each subsequent set of aligners will be slightly straighter than the previous version, with the second set arriving after just a few weeks. Your smile will be perfectly beautified, as this process allows for your teeth to shift slowly and gently into a perfect alignment.

Depending on your particular, individual Invisalign plan, you most likely should expect to receive as few as ten aligners, to as many as fifty. 

Celebrating A Brand New Smile

When you have completed the Invisalign treatment, you will have the ability to show a brand new smile to the world around you. A daily routine of brushing and flossing will still be essential, of course, and you may have to wear retainers for a short period of time to keep your teeth positioned perfectly.


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