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Dental Emergencies Call Right Now If You Are Experiencing An Emergency

Getting You Out Of Pain

dental emergency Gurnee IllinoisDental emergencies can be scary, but once you call Washington Dental Excellence, we will make the process as smooth and painless as possible and get you back to feeling great in no time. Often times making the right decision at the critical moment can make the difference in saving a tooth or possibly an entire smile. Here are a few scenarios you or someone around you may encounter. Dental emergencies happen.

Knocked Out Teeth

This is one of the most common dental emergencies in Gurnee or Wadsworth that we see here at Washington Dental Excellence.  This can happen because of any number of accidents. But remember – think about what to do next and everything will be alright. First step: clean and preserve the tooth.  Do not scrub the tooth.  Try to preserve is by actually placing it back in the socket if at all possible or if you can’t do that, place it in a small bag of milk.  Then call your emergency Gurnee dentist Dr. Bezouska and he will take care of the rest!

Broken Teeth

Do you have a chipped tooth Waukegan or Wadsworth, Illinois? Broken or chipped teeth need to be rinsed and preserved the same as you would for a knocked out tooth.  After you call Dr. Bezouska, if there is swelling you can apply a cold compress to the painful area to try and bring it down. For any other emergency dental care situation, give our Gurnee dental office a call. In more severe cases, where broken bones or bleeding might be involved, you should seek care from your nearest emergency room.


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