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Cosmetic Dentistry Amazing smiles happen with cosmetic dentistry at Washington Dental Excellence!

Cosmetic Dentistry restores your smile using one or more treatment options.  Not only is your teeth restored but your self-confidence also.

Are You Looking For A Gurnee Cosmetic Dentist? Dr. Bezouska Is Known For Restoring Smiles and Lives.

Cosmetic Dentist Gurnee Think about the moment when you meet someone for the first time… What is it that strikes you first? For more than 47% of people, it’s not their eyes, height, clothes or their handshake, but their smile! You may not even say a word, but your smile can say a lot about you. Your smile can help you create a great first impression and be confident in all areas of life. 

At Washington Dental Excellence, we believe that all of our patients deserve to have a smile they can proudly show every day. Dr. Bezouska is a smile artist, and like any artist, each one of his smile masterpieces is unique in its own way for each of our Gurnee cosmetic dentistry patients. There are many ways in which Dr. Bezouska can enhance your smile. Just like we do for each of our patients by constructing a custom hygiene plan, together, you and Dr. Bezouska will design your dream smile just as you have always imagined. Dr. B can do something as simple as one tooth, or as complex as all of your teeth!

There are many different aspects to a smile makeover. Your specific cosmetic plan may include teeth whitening, crowns/dental implants, or beautiful veneers. Cosmetic dentistry might seem like a big decision, but we are with you every step of the way and will gladly provide ways to make it affordable and worry-free!  At Washington Dental Excellence, we have the experience to help you finally have the smile you’ve always wanted but might not have thought was possible. Washington Dental Excellence will get you smiling again. If you’re ready to experience your new smile, give us a call today for your free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Bezouska!

Veneers Can Fix A Variety of Issues

For many years, veneers have been a ‘fan favorite’ for people looking to recreate their smiles. Veneers are beautiful porcelain onlays that rest on the teeth and look natural and attractive. For patients looking into getting veneers, it begins with a consultation at our practice. You can work with Dr. Bezouska to determine the appropriate color, length, and fullness of each individual veneer, and discuss any other possible issues you might have.

Veneers can fix stained, cracked, slightly crooked or gapped teeth.  The result is a beautiful and natural looking smile that will last for years to come.

For all cosmetic procedures at Washington Dental Excellence, financing is available for qualified patients.


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