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Cosmetic Dentistry

Think about the moment when you meet someone for the first time… What is it that strikes you first? For more than 47% of people, it’s not their eyes, height, clothes or their handshake, but their smile! You may not even say a word, but your smile can say a lot about you. Your smile can help you create a great first impression and be confident in all areas of life.

At Washington Dental Excellence, we believe that all of our patients deserve to have a smile they can proudly show every day. Dr. Bezouska is a smile artist, and like any artist, each one of his smile masterpieces is unique in its own way for each of our Gurnee cosmetic dentistry patients. Together, you and Dr. Bezouska will design your dream smile just as you have always imagined.

We have the experience to help you finally have the smile you’ve always wanted but might not have thought was possible. If you’re ready to experience your new smile, give us a call today for your free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Bezouska!

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